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New Zealand young writer Daniel Jang wins the 2013 NZ Basil Sellers Young Writers Award

Press Service International for Christian Today Australia - Mark Tronson
Monday, 9 September 2013, 6:15 (EST)
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The inaugural New Zealand Basil Sellers $1000 Young Writers Award was won by Daniel Jang from Wellington whose published articles in Christian Today Australia were deemed by seven Panellists over seven months from Australia and New Zealand to top the lot (as it were).

Daniel Jang was born in Korea, grew up in New Zealand, lived and worked in Australia for the past decade. Before joining the OM ship Logos Hope, he had worked for Compassion Australia in Newcastle until 2011. In 2013 he returned to Wellington to complete a theology degree at Laidlaw in preparation for further mission work at the end of next year.

Daniel Jang began writing for Press Service International (PSI) in 2011. PSI is a ministry of Well-Being Australia which mentors young writers in a program with Christian Today Australia whereby two columns each week day are allocated to these young writers.

The Basil Sellers Young Writers Award was presented to Daniel Jang by Russell Modlin the Well-Being Australia board member for the Young Writers. The awards were held in Melbourne at the 2Pocket Fair Trade Espresso Bar as part of the annual young writers conference with 30 fellow young writers.

Sam Burrows from Auckland was awarded the NZ $1000 Theological Development award.

Second prize went to two New Zealand young writers who were drawn on Points and received $300 each plus a copy of the book “Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Publishers” donated by panellist Dr Deidre Tronson a retired academic.

Chairman of Well-Being Australia Dr Mark Tronson explained that Mr Basil Sellers AM said that this annual award was established to encourage the young writers in their writing endeavours and more so to add to their CV quite apart from the financial contribution.

Seven Panellists awarded points out of 10 under a set criteria over a seven month period for each of the two young writers published each day.

Rt. Rev. Brian Carrell – Christchurch, NZ
Christina Tyson – Wellington NZ
Debbie Suba – Tasmania
Alyson Smith – Melbourne
Rev Peter Nelson – AIS Chaplain
David Chang – Christian Today
Dr Deidre Tronson - Sydney

Their awarded points illustrated that each panellist came from a different perspective that demonstrated what a broad and exceptional cross section they were.

The young writers came together for the mini-conference from across Australia and New Zealand. The Thursday evening program included Christian Today philosophy by editor David Chang.

Dr Mark Tronson is a Baptist minister (retired) who served as the Australian cricket team chaplain for 17 years (2000 ret) and established Life After Cricket in 2001. He was recognised by the Olympic Ministry Medal in 2009 presented by Carl Lewis Olympian of the Century. He has written 24 books, and enjoys writing. He is married to Delma, with four adult children and grand-children.

Mark Tronson's archive of articles can be viewed at www.pressserviceinternational.org/mark-tronson.html

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