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Updated: Friday, 18 April 2014, 0:55 (EST)
Swastika Saint

Swastika Saint

I will call him Alfred, though he will know his name when he reads this. A man, broken but bent on..

A dad’s perspective on… exercise

Goal: latte at bayside café. When: An early Autumn Saturday morning with blue skies but still a..

'I miss you' is not 'I love you'

I was recently watching “The Conversation” with Amanda de Cadenat, an alternate interview..

Every thread counts

When I fell pregnant with my first baby, I wanted to give her a gift. I chose a very cute teddy..

Be creative, be involved

So, you’re “a creative”, what ever that may be, an artist of some media, be it light or..

Does a guy dying on a cross 2000 years ago matter?

I recently asked one of my classes at school this very question. It wasn’t just to fill in some..