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Updated: Thursday, 24 April 2014, 11:53 (EST)
Mark Driscoll's apology: a lesson for us all

Mark Driscoll's apology: a lesson for us all

18th Century poet Alexander Pope famously argued that admitting our mistakes is merely saying we..

Professional Rugby League Sportsman takes lessons learned from the field onto International Christian TV

Pastor Paul Stevens, former professional National Rugby League (NRL) player in Australia and..

Philip Yancey: 'The problem of pain is not one we can solve'

Philip Yancey is the first to admit he doesn't really like reading books about the problem pain..

Atheist 'would love to go back to church' after faith swap experiment

A Christian and an atheist have shared their experiences of swapping lives for one month. In..

Justin Bieber wanted 'cleansing baptism'

Justin Bieber spent Saturday searching around New York for a place to be baptised, according to..

The Selfless Gene

World famous book ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins was released in 1976. This was written..


Bible League

Since being founded in 1938, Bible League is one of the world’s largest..

Christian Management Australia

Christian Management Australia (CMA) is a nonprofit, non-denominational..

Emmaus Bible College

Emmaus began its teaching program in 1959, with the vision to prepare young..