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Updated: Friday, 18 April 2014, 0:55 (EST)
Easter Week 2  -  The idea of “Faith” - a second lesson

Easter Week 2 - The idea of “Faith” - a second lesson

In theology, the word ‘Faith’ conveys a most astonishing idea, something that is contrary to..

Easter Week 5 - The Cross implies the idea of 'End Times' and a Resurrection

In theology, the words ‘End Times’ conveys an undisputed truth that there will come a time when..

Easter Week 4 - The idea of 'Justice'

In theology, the word ‘justice’ conveys an innate truth that every child comprehends from its..

Easter Week 3 - The idea of 'Relationship'

In theology, the words ‘relationship with the Lord’ conveys a most outrageous idea, something..

NZ's Sophia Sinclair to repeat plenary on Gold Coast: 80% want Saturday 13 September

Sophia Sinclair the editor of NZ CMS magazine and a young writer in the Press Service International..

Christina Tyson NZ War Cry Editor speaks to NZ young writers

Christina Tyson New Zealand War Cry Editor and a New Zealand Young Writer Panellist addressed the..

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Open Doors Australia

Open Doors is a unique ministry to persecuted Christians, the only one with..

Australian Christian Lobby

The Australian Christian Lobby is a Christian political lobby group that..

Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Y...

Following the great commission, Leading The Way with Dr Michael Youssef is..